Miss White ~ The next installment of The Travelling Dress Adventure

This is my third time participating in a Travelling Dress Adventure, and by far my favorite one.  A good friend and fellow photographer Beth Russell found Miss White in a thrift store and decided to send her on a Travelling Dress Adventure around the United States.  I, along with my fellow Adventure photographers each got a turn to shoot whatever concept we chose then send it on to the next photographer.  She got a little delayed along the way, and I ended up with her a month later than planned so I ended up completely re-tooling my concept as the weather here has turned and shooting outdoors just wouldn’t work.  As with the other Dress Adventures, we were not allowed to show more than a sneak peek of our idea so as not to influence another photographer.  It’s pretty cool that we all had a different vision and execution.

A some very dear friends of mine allowed me the opportunity to shoot at their home, where they had this amazing antique hand painted piano and vintage paintings.  I wanted to keep in the same theme as the dress, which very much reminds me of a Victorian Era dress, so the location was perfect for this.  I wanted to tell the tale of a bride on her wedding day who sits among all of the beautiful wedding gifts, but, her groom has died and she is so very sad.  So sad, that she contemplates taking her own life.  The black antique shawl represents the death of her husband and the sadness that comes with it.

This was a very dark and somber series of images for me.  I really enjoyed the challenge of using my surroundings to help tell the tale.  Some of my images I processed to give them a painterly feel to reflect the time period.

You can see more of Miss White’s Adventure (here)

Model:  Tiffany Williams

Hair Artist:  Lacy Jo Burt

The title to my images/story is Widowed Bride.


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Alishia Potter - The first and fourth images are my favorite–I love the first image because I can see so much of the scene and I think you certainly captured your theme well–the fourth image has an amazing oil painting feel to it that really suits the time period you’re going for. Well done, Niki!

jackie powell - Hi Nichole,
One of your fellow dress photogs posted to Clicking Moms – which let me to you. I love the feel of these images – very Rembrandt-esque. Can you tell me a bit about your lighting and post processing for this one? They are just beautiful!

Nichole - Thank you Alishia!

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