Red: The Travelling Dress Adventure

My first blog post!

I am really excited to show my interpretation of Red. I chose to have my images be more about the dress than about a pretty portrait. I wanted moody and dramatic, and also wanted to use split lighting to give it a little bit of mystery. I have not seen any other images from all the other photographers as we did not want to influence each other in one direction or another when it was our turn to shoot. I have no doubt their images will all be stunning. A big thank you to my model Tiffany!

The Traveling Red Dress Challenge: A certain Red Dress was purchased and sent to each of a dozen or so participants around the country (and 1 in Canada!). We were to keep the dress for a maximum of 5 days before sending it on to the next person on the list. Everyone had the same dress to work with, but of course, each of us had our own struggles with how to use the dress, finding the right (petite) model to fit into the dress, coordinate tight schedules and make our own unique vision come to life! All in all, the project took a few months to complete, beginning in mid January and just finished up the first week of May. ”


To see the next photos go to Sandi and check out her take on the RED: A Traveling Dress Adventure Project! This is a blog circle! Ever heard of it? A blog circle links from one blog to the next in a complete circle. Click on the linked up blog on each post until you find your way all the way back to me!

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